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Antalia Group, with its extensive commercial knowledge and sectoral expertise, can undertake all or some of the services you want to “Outsource”. It can provide single-service, multi-service or full-service (integrated facility management) depending on your needs, organization and budget. In this context, in Turkey;

Private security; Antalia Group, which takes on the important responsibility of "ensuring the safety of life and property", which is at the center of the services it provides within the scope of its services, has always attached importance to quality studies in order to provide service to its customers beyond their expectations since the day it was founded. In this context; Our group company, which has a Private Security Company Operating Permit and a Private Security Education Institution Operating Permit issued by the Ministry of Interior, offers its services within this framework.

Cleaning; We do our job with a professional service and team in cleaning the Shopping Centers, Factories, Sites and Residences, Headquarters Buildings, Bank Branches and ATM devices of our customers, to whom we provide services. While providing this service, we provide services with internationally certified cleaning chemicals, professional machinery and equipment, and professionally certified personnel.

Facility Management; Within the scope of its services, Antalia Group provides the benefits of this to its customers and enables them to focus on their main fields of activity by managing them in an integrated manner, instead of managing them separately under sub-headings such as cleaning, security, technical and landscaping.

Antalia Group a premier facility management company committed to delivering exceptional services that ensure the smooth operation of your facilities. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a dedication to excellence, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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