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The Antalia  Group

   Antalia Group was established in 1998, working to create the standards of a better life by undertaking to be a modern, innovative and pioneer that touches every aspect of life.

   It continues to work with the aim of becoming a global player in the fields it works by embodying the most exclusive lifestyle brands in every field that will turn into a passion for happy employees, happy customers, happy business partners and even competitors. Operating in six main sectors, namely construction, service, defense industry, tourism, health and energy, Antalia Group also continues to grow with new investment plans in technology and entertainment in addition to the existing sectors.

   As Antalia Group, our approach is to create globally accessible brands in all sectors in which we operate, with a corporate awareness that is above class and social, and that all humanity benefits and will benefit from. In parallel with this, it is considered as a duty to leave a mark in people's lives and to make their daily life better within the scope of social responsibility studies. The Group's social responsibility projects are managed with the aim of contributing to the society's creation of a constantly moving and developing future.

   Antalia Group continues to examine cooperation and investment opportunities that it believes will be beneficial to humanity, with the vision of being a global player that sets standards and advances by discovery, by being among the pioneers of change, technology and innovation.

Our Team



As Antalia Group, our vision is to be a leading group, a pioneer of change and innovation, a discovering, learning and always advancing global player, with happy employees, happy customers, happy business partners and all companies, in all countries and all sectors we serve.

As Antalia Group, our mission is to create globally accessible brands that benefit and benefit all humanity, above class and socially.

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