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Imv, with its extensive commercial knowledge and sectoral expertise, can undertake all or some of the services you want to “Outsource”. It can provide single-service, multi-service or full-service (integrated facility management) depending on your needs, organization and budget. In this context, in Turkey.

Talia Savunma, in service of the Turkish Defense Industry for the sake of our country's vital interests, national security, and the future of our nation


Antalia Group, which takes on the important responsibility of "ensuring the safety of life and property", which is at the center of the services it provides within the scope of its services, has always attached importance to quality studies in order to provide service to its customers beyond their expectations since the day it was founded. In this context; Our group company, which has a Private Security Company Operating Permit and a Private Security Education Institution Operating Permit issued by the Ministry of Interior, offers its services within this framework.


Antdesign, sales and marketing of construction materials, architectural and construction project solutions, renovation
With its expertise in turnkey works such as decoration in the construction sector, it is one of the leading companies in Turkey.

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Since its establishment, Antalia Group, committed to being contemporary, innovative, and pioneering, and aiming to create a better quality of life by impacting every aspect of life, operates under the name Antalia Group Middle East in the United Arab Emirates, primarily offering services in the Defense Industry, as well as in the Construction and Real Estate sectors.


Talia Medikal is one of the leading companies in Turkey with its expertise in precision measurement and the medical sector. The company supplies products and services used in dentistry applications, operating rooms, emergency services, intensive care, outpatient clinics, etc. hospital applications and various applications such as masks, gloves, sterilization used in personal use, as well as Covid-19 new type corona virus detection kits.

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Antalia Group, Whether you’re looking to improve your internal communication, implement an emergency communication process, or deploy an intelligent machine communication through Internet of Things, we’re here to ensure that the process is well-planned and executed. Our team is experienced in a wide variety of business communication processes ensuring you get the most professional results. 


As CET Composite and Epoxy Technologies, we established in the Istanbul Technopark Cube Incubation Center. We exclusively produce high performance epoxy systems in Turkey. We are domestically producing high performance epoxy systems in our R&D laboratories.

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